From the vibration of “OM” embodying the essence of the entire universe, comes all the abundance of terrestrial life full of inspirations enlightening humans’ heart and soul. These testimonies are our greatest gifts.

Sophea Oum Harrison Ford Golden Silk

Thank you for giving my family and I the oportunity to experience your love of art. Beauty elevates the human spirit... You have elevated mine.

Harrison Ford

I am moved by the beauty of this place. Golden Silk is a unique and so special project. You produce fabrics of one of the finest quality in the world, but it is the love that permeates this place that will remain in my heart.

Angela MISSONI, Italy January 2019
Angela Missoni and Oum Sophea Pheach

Dearest Sophea and Patrick,

Living is meeting.

Our meeting enlivened our spirits and hopes.

You’re both beloved treasures on this earth.

We all feel the wish to continue our conversations as a lifetime dialogue.

The preservation of cultures gives memory to a bond we share. They are similar in core values that not only preserve our culture but hope to preserve the best of humankind.

Myna, Pam, Jeff and I send much love from home to home.

Endless hugs,


A real enchantment, An extraordinary complexity & A human lesson of great richness!

Nicolas & Anne Laure V., October 2017

Our time spent at Golden Silk was a seamless journey from the past, trough the present, into a future fueled by inspiration, visionary, idealism and ingenuity.
A unique and precious memory!

Renee Arthur SWIRE, February 2018

Out of trauma comes inspiration.

Tan Reed, USA December 2018

What a spectacular understanding of your vision and its reality. A truly noble & artistic endeavor! Thank you for bringing, for creating such a haven of beauty in the world. The work done here is a gift to humanity!

Paul TIKULSKY, USA May 2019

Thanks for a wonderful visit, Sophea. All of us are impressed with the concept and the execution of what you have done.

You do wonderful work. Please continue – with our loving support.

John SEXTON, March 2016

What you are doing is magical on so many levels and I applaud you for all your efforts and the philosophy behind Golden Silk.

Thank you for sharing your magical treasures with the world.

Amy GRIFFIN, March 2018

What elegance! A little wonder in the middle of nowhere!

An Amazone Raid, November 2017

Wonderful discoveries out of time!

Antoine & Jacqueline, January 2018

One of the Seven Wonders of the World! Beautiful products made by beautiful people!

Berrymore, January 2018

Silken Beauty! From the bug pupa to the shinning glory!

Jeanne Sharon Register, March 2019

This is the most inspiring of living museums that is full of love, life and inspiration, interwoven with the ancient skills at the highest level!

Anna James Suttolk, England 2019