Ikat is a word originating from Asia, the first historically reliable traces, dated back from the 6th AC in China. Then, it was developped among the Austronesian people, BornĂ©o, Philippine, Indonesia, Guatemala, Mexico…

Ikat is characterized by those patterns that have no clearly marked borders. It is dyed before the final pattern is woven. It is a fabric that is thought & conceived as it is out of time. Just the preparation work for the thread not the weaving, but the knotting, dying, the threading can take 1 to 2 years & the weaver takes her time to place them on the loom. She slowly reflects on & anticipates what she wants to do, like a gestation period.

Ikat is a memory of the world, of humankind.

This is the first step in a highly-skilled process. Spinning requires a great concentration in order to obtain a regular and twisted thread by hand.

As the quality starts at the ground level, our community members pay a huge attention towards this first task.

quality starts at the ground level...

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