Golden Silk brocades are made entirely by hand. Woven on a special loom adding extra weft (some of them with thousands of supplementary wefts), the technique makes the fabrics to appear embroidered.

This most luxurious garment was mostly worn by powerful and wealthy people in the past with extremely intricate designs for the Khmer kings and queens. Brocade emits a distintive aura of beauty & sophistication.

Inspired by the carving of the Angkor Temples, Golden Silk team gave the best of themselves (without any transmition) to research, to accomplish this craft which took on a character of challenge.

This is the first step in a highly-skilled process. Spinning requires a great concentration in order to obtain a regular and twisted thread by hand.

As the quality starts at the ground level, our community members pay a huge attention towards this first task.

quality starts at the ground level...

Oum Sophea Pheach