Our Process

We aim to safeguard the ancestral creation with a dynamic approach between the women of Golden Silk who create the silk and the golden silkworms who are raised with great care.

Can creation and ecology be combined? Is it possible to be both authentic and modern? Are the local ingredients found near Angkor Wat sufficient for exceptional creation? Can we find the symbolism of ancient fabrics in our current civilisation?

These are the challenges of Golden Silk’s manufacturing process which make our process so unique.


Agriculture & Breeding

Golden Silk Pheach plantations respect the rules of production which forbid the usage of chemical fertilizers and of pesticides and insecticides which would be fatal for the fragile silkworms.

Breeding Silkworms requires a constant care in the pace of feeding, cleaning and handling.

While producing a very light cocoon (giving 200m linear thread), Golden Silk worms are also delicate and fine requiring fresh mulberry leaves for their daily meals. To obtain the best result and preserve the natural resources, leaves must be kept clean and cool and replaced three times per day. Breeding boxes are cleaned on a daily basis.



This is the first step in a highly-skilled process. Spinning requires a great concentration in order to obtain a regular and twisted thread by hand.

As the quality starts at the ground level, our community members pay huge attention towards this first task.

quality starts at the ground level...

Oum Sophea Pheach



In our search for authenticity, we only use natural pigments for colouring our precious threads.

Our materials are found in the area surrounding the Angkor Wat temples.

Using natural dyes requires time. The silk is soaked in a bath of natural dyes to give the coloured thread a velvet touch and a bright colour.

Natural dyes also allow the silk to be easily maintained with only cold water and a little shampoo needed for washing.



Depending on the weaving technique, the preparation is always a very long process for Golden Silk.

Taking our time to prepare the silk allows us to get the best results when weaving.



Our weaving methods are always a mixed experience as we combine different techniques in each piece we create.

Intrigued by a very old fabric preserved at the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh, the Golden Silk team has strived to replicate this masterpiece.

This rediscovered and unique technique is only to be seen in Golden Silk which now excels in mastering other compositions of Khmer patterns, reviving the strength of its symbols.