Our Philoshophy

To develop while preserving nature; to emancipate while benefiting from the contribution of ancestral tradition.

These are the two principles that guide us.

Throughout Golden Silk’s creation process, we use the richness of the silkworm to recover the beauty of a lost world and allow a whole population to get involved in both nature and beauty!

The symbiosis of nature, culture and harmonious social development allows us to offer the world a product that brings together the riches of nature and ancestral tradition.

It is poetry about the relationship between humans and nature.

Social Community

With the Golden Silk project more than 100 women have developed skills to secure a regular income. We aim to empower these women and develop both their confidence and independence their training path. Coming from poor background with little to no schooling or education, Golden Silk offers professional opportunities to the local community (primarily women) with large households to support.

Their work, is also an opportunity to showcase the traditional craftsmanship and Cambodian heritage of silk making to the local community and acquire new ambassadors.

These women are at the very heart of the restoration and splendour of the Khmer legacy. Women represent over 80% of our staff. Golden Silk offers a qualitative 8-year-long training, teaching the traditional technics and providing career paths throughout the process chain to each women. The aim is for reach a professional level and to give them the opportunity to support their family and access the more study life.

Renewable Energy

Striving to restore and to safeguard the fabulous Khmer traditional methods and techniques of silk making, Golden Silk Pheach spreads over more than 12 hectares of mulberry trees plantation and workshops.

Resulting from its philosophy, Golden Silk bans any use of fertilizers and chemical treatments to obtain a 100% natural silk. In all its activities, Golden Silk strives to emphasize the use of clean and renewable energies. Golden Silk products are exclusively dyed from natural dyes. 90% of the world production of silk is obtained from the Bivoltine which with the same farming schedule and the same intake of mulberry leaves, generates over ten times longer and enable the mechanization of the various stages production.

A constant search for profitability has led the disappearance of almost all production areas of golden silk, while Golden Silk fabric provides an incomparable velvety feel and shine due to the quality of it thread. This endemic species are perfectly suited to the Cambodian climate and stands the rigour of its drought and its temperatures.

Golden Silk Thread Drying Process
Golden Silk Spinning Process - Taken by Catherine Karnov
Golden Silk Spinning Process in SIem Seap - Taken by Catherine Karnow